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“I am a holistic healer who helps people tune back into themselves so that they may actively realign with their center.

Within a few sessions of working together, I will help you learn how to 'respond not react' to the uncertainties of your life and get into your flow state."

Together we will…

Create Root Change

Release fear, reveal and reimagine new belief systems, and uncover your truth.

Manage Daily Ebb and Flow

The only constant is change. Learn the practice of staying grounded while navigating uncertainty.

Take Control

Gain the clarity you need to reclaim your power and laser focus in on what you want to produce in your life.

Do You Have the Sense that Life is Happening to You?

Do You Feel Caught in an Endless Cycle of Stress?

Are You Drained by Other People’s Emotional Drama?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, let me introduce you to the tools and the practice of connecting with your inner wisdom, allowing you to operate from a steady, balanced core state of strength and flexibility. Every day. By design.

Hi, I’m Kristen,

Sound Healer, Innovation Consultant, business woman, and true believer in the power of guided self-healing.

Using a combination of both Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, I help individuals effectively navigate key life transitions from career speed bumps to personal growth challenges to health crises.

The foundation of my practice is Holistic Healing, a method that involves assessing all areas of your life and getting to the root cause of the imbalances and distractions that push you off center. Once revealed, these can be removed, and we create a new system.

This new system allows you to live from your ‘flow state’ — where things happen with greater clarity, focus and ease.

Using a combination of sound frequencies, Ayurveda, the principles of energy, universal laws and neuroscience, I assist you step-by-step in removing the distractions preventing you from seeing clearly, living with intention, and reaching your goals.

I will teach you how to balance uncertainty with possibility through practices and exercises that harness mind, body, and spirit. Our work together will give you the structure, the practical steps and the key insights to managing and embracing flux — life’s constant ebb and flow of uncertainties, challenges, and transitions.

Without these keys, life happens to us and we unwittingly ride a sometimes wild and always unpredictable emotional rollercoaster, often gettng caught up in other people's drama. With these keys, however, you are in the creator’s seat of your life.

This is the practice I call Living Your Life By Design.

What Results Can You Expect From This Co-Creative Process?

Feeling clear, calmer and more in control.

A deep sense of alignment, balance and a return to your center.

Increased self-confidence, energy and inspiration.

Ready to Live Your Life By Design, Not By Default?

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Free Sound Healing

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Give this a try right now... As part of our practice together we will use sound frequencies to help shift energy in your body. Experience how these deeply nourishing sound frequencies can make a positive impact on your current mood and wellbeing — in less than 2 minutesmelting away stress, leaving you feeling more grounded and ready to take your next step with clarity.

What Clients Are Saying

“Kristen truly brings mastery to her healing work. You enter a session with her stressed and ungrounded from a hectic day; and you leave the session completely transported! This is because Kristen’s work is magical! She is deeply intuitive and knows exactly what sounds and vibrations will best support you in any given time. And she takes you on a journey that not only grounds — but energizes you, inspires you and even helps heal you (if you are navigating health challenges). I have gone to other sound healers, but no one has matched Kristen’s excellence. I couldn’t recommend Kristen more highly!”

— Charmaine Kyle

“Kristen immediately drops you into a deep deep relaxation and rest. The sounds that she creates with her bowls and other instruments sweetly wash over you. To me it felt like I was getting a sonic massage. I could feel layers of tension on all levels- mental, emotional, physical leaving my system. After the session I felt extremely grounded and blissful. Kristen’s intuitive wisdom guides the session - at just the right moment she invites you to breathe, move, stretch, or switch positions to help deepen your healing session.”

— Katie Sutherland

“Kristen possesses an incredible ability to heal through her compassion and grace, which is a gift to the many people she’s worked with around the world. I was fortunate enough to  be a recipent of the divinity that she delivers through her gift of sound therapy. Her inspiring journey has made people gravitate to her so they can benefit from being in the great energy of her presence. She’s a bridge between the visible and invisible world and a balance between the two. She has managed to create harmony between corporate America and her sound healing practice, a bridge between two truly diverse worlds. Sharing in her presence and energy has humbled me and awakened me to an unbelievable sense of awe and gratitude within me. I truly believe her ability to bring sound and meaning to words will open a divine path to many who are seeking to remember, reconnect and reclaim their innate wisdom.”

— Myriam Llano

“After working with Kristen and her holistic coaching, I now feel more whole and complete. The same old biases and self sabotaging habits no longer trigger me and for the first time I feel truly liberated. Thank you Kristen!”

— Jeevan Singh

“By deeply listening, attuning and designing to your unique needs, I work to not only guide you to your own center of gravity but also to your next level.”

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