COMING SOON: My New Sound Healing Album "Sleep 'Till the End"

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Today, our brains are working overtime and  many of us are increasingly lapsing into autopilot.

Our brain needs to rest, we need to unplug it, just like our computer.

To eliminate restless sleep and brain fog that results from not getting quality sleep, listen to this album, to calm down your nervous system and put your mind at ease.

This music will help you relax and fall asleep, into a blissful nights rest.

Listen to the full album now:

Bali Bliss

Sounds of nature are healing. This album was recorded in Bali, with the sounds of rain, the ocean, frogs, geckos and thunder.

These unique sounds will help you release the day and 
forget about your worries, putting you in a state of relaxation.

Listen to the full album now:


My New Sound Healing Album, "Sleep Till the End"

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Let the sound frequencies on this album help you sleep consistently through the night.

You can also listen to more demo tracks inside the Healing on Demand portal.


What Clients Are Saying

Kristen immediately drops you into a deep deep relaxation and rest. The sounds that she creates with her bowls and other instruments sweetly wash over you. To me it felt like I was getting a sonic massage. I could feel layers of tension on all levels- mental, emotional, physical leaving my system. After the session I felt extremely grounded and blissful. Kristen’s intuitive wisdom guides the session - at just the right moment she invites you to breathe, move, stretch, or switch positions to help deepen your healing session.”

— Katie Sutherland

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