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Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart

“Sometimes you have the answer for what you need to feel better but there is a gap between that and making it happen.


Kristen was key for me in this process. The way she listens and gives me back my own thoughts in a very practical way have been super useful to start practicing all my answers. Thanks a lot for all. I’m very grateful l to have you in my life.”

Ana Manzanedo, Business Consultant

Barcelona, Spain

Why My Clients Choose Me To Help Them

1) Navigating transitions in their life

2) Managing corporate life and hectic schedules

3) Improve their sleep

4) Overall health and wellness

5) Specific illnesses and diseases 

6) Preparation for surgery

Walk Away With:

1) Your own developed self-care routine

2) Know how to make better decisions

3) Increased performance – professionally and personally

4) Healthier coping strategies

5) A deeper sense of connection with yourself and others

"I was at the point in my business development, where I knew that I had to pay attention and dedicate more time to looking after me. Not an easy thing to do when you're highly driven! Even though my heart said yes, my mind would always make some excuse to keep doing things the same way.


Working with Kristen has been a game changer. I know that working with her privately has  contributed to new creative ideas and more aligned opportunities coming my way. To have someone support my reconnection to self has been absolutely priceless.”

Melanie Midegs, Psychosomatic Therapist & Entrepreneur

Bali, Indonesia

The first step in making a change is recognizing you are not going to stay where you currently are. I recognize and respect that everyone is different, their needs are different and their conditions are different      

 - therefore there is no ‘one way’.

No matter where you are on your path, even if you have no idea where to start, I will help you discover what's blocking you and teach you the tools to move forward.

Every session is highly customized for each person, therefore there isn’t a rigid structure.  I do have common techniques I use to help us navigate your path. The focus is a holistic view of your world, understanding areas of joy and success and areas of frustration or confusion. Then we use different techniques to see what works best with you.  Each time we meet you will feel instant results and see new perspectives.

Kristen Firpo

Wellbeing Consultant

Holistic Executive Coaching Options

Bespoke Packages


Customized and dedicated time focused specifically on navigating transitions in ones life. Includes a signature sound created for individuals to remove blockages and shift energy to recalibrate to the desires state.

We'll discuss the connection between mind, body and energy. When all three are in alignment, the way you approach life & business will be impacted in a positive way.

Receive a personalised plan for you to keep that includes:
- Big Picture Life & Career Goals
- Health Information based on your body type

- Information on how to connect with your Chakra system

Each private session is 90 minutes, exploring a variety of techniques: Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Consulting services to suit you.

Sound Healing:

Sound Healing is often very effective for your first session as it immediately relaxes the body and calms down the brain waves. You will feel shifts of energy and vibrations through your body. Singing bowls are placed directly on your body for deeper sensations. An education and hands on demonstrations of all the instruments follows the sound healing.


Personalized Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga are offered, where each pose is customized for your needs. Attention to alignment and safety are the initial focus. The flow of the poses are adjusted to your unique need.



Guided Meditation is given and taught with you. A variety of meditations are offered such as: Chaos to Calm Meditation, Focus on the Meeting Meditation, Health & Well-being Medition, and Managing the Monkey Mind Meditation.


Wellness Consulting:

My Wellness Consultations are most effective when clarity and focus are the priority. I will work with you reduce the noise and clutter in your world to help gain clarity on the issue at hand. We get realistic and creative at resolving issues.

connect with ancient wisdom that is waiting for you...

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Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart

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