Sit Back, Relax & Get Ready To Be Taken On a Journey...
Below I've Shared With You
3 of My Favourite Short Audio Stories Of How
Sound Healing Came Into My World
Story #1: How I Discovered Sound Healing
Gili Islands, Indonesia

Who Knew A Boat Ride, A Tropical Island & A Small Singing Bowl Would Change The Life Course Of This Busy & Somewhat Skeptical
San Francisco 

Business Consultant...

  • How I Discovered Sound Healing
  • -
  • Kristen Firpo
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Story #2: How I Became A Sound Healer
Touring India & Africa

What I Did Made No Rational Sense At All, But If I Didn't Trust My Heart This would never Have Happened.

One Way Flights,
8 Hour Train Rides &
Goddess Green Tara...

  • How I Became A Sound Healer
  • -
  • Kristen Firpo
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Story #3: How I Got My Name Tara
Dharamsala, India

When I Heard How many People Had A Spiritual Name In India... I Have To Admit ~ It Kind Of Made Me Laugh.

Well, Be Careful What
You Laugh At As Now
I Am Humbly Laughing
At Myself... 

  • How I Got My Name Tara
  • -
  • Kristen Firpo
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Thank You For Listening To My Stories.
If I've Provoked Curiosity In You...
My Life Before Sound Healing
It wasn’t until I left 16  plus years in Corporate America and the Western part of the world, that I really understood just how ‘much 'I was missing out’ in life!
My first 7 years in Corporate America were successful in many ways…
  •  Getting a Masters Degree
  • Climbing the corporate ladder
  • Completing multiple certifications
  • Running marathons &  completing triathlons
I Was Doing Exactly What I Should Be Doing, Right?
Then I became very sick, diagnosed with Lupus, an Auto-Immune deficiency disease. My world became increasingly difficult. I turned to holistic healing modalities and they changed my life. I learned to take better care of myself and make wiser choices.
I Learned To Work Smarter Not Harder
After several years of Innovation consultancy with Deloitte, I stepped out on my own as Founder of Hangar10, a consultancy firm that helps business people use Innovation for maximum growth. ( I loved my work.
However I was still Feeling I needed a change...
In 2014 I decided to go explore South East Asia. As I learned more about Eastern Philosophies, I stepped further into my passion of alternative healing modalities which led me to Sound Healing…
My Qualifications
  • Gong Mastery Certification, Sanj Hall, Bali, Indonesia 

  • Sound Healing, Voice Alchemy, & Light Code Language, Amma Sophia Rose, Bali, Indonesia

  • Sound Healing Certification Kailash Tribal Yoga School, Dharamsala, India

  • Classic Hatha Yoga (200 hours) Certificate from Kailash Tribal Yoga School, Dharamsala, India

  • SUP Yoga Certification (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) from Onboard SUP, San Francisco, CA. USA

  • WATSU (Water Healing)  Certification from Auroville Quiet Healing Center, Auroville, India

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