Sound Healing Sessions

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Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart

"Let’s just put it this way: I wish I could keep Kristen and her singing bowl in my pocket, so I could reach out for a session every day. Before I had met Kristen, I wasn't even aware of singing bowls, so when I first saw her using one, I was intrigued. After my first official session with her, I fell in love with this new found sound session.


The effect it has on you is just incredibly calming and healing. I could write for days about my experience, but I think trying it out for yourself is the only way to truly understand the effects it has.

Elana Schilz, Photographer

Durban, South Africa

Why My Clients Choose Me To Help Them

1) Lower Stress Levels

2) Fewer Mood Swings

3) Lower Blood Pressure

4) Improved Sleep

Sound Healing Is Also Very Beneficial For:

1) Anxiety & Nervous System

2) Depression 

3) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“I came for the healing session not really sure what to expect. I'm already aware of the healing impact of sound, but I really never counted on just how deep this healing would go. I feel more whole and complete just after a single session! The same vices, self-sabotaging habits, my old desires no longer interest me so for the first time in a long time I feel truly liberated. Thank you Kristen!”

Jeevan Singh
London, England

Every body's experience of sound healing is different. Most commonly my clients tell me that they leave my sessions feeling more grounded, calm and clear minded. 


Many find this type of healing essential to combine with their self-care routine, as it can very quickly allow them to focus and have energy to take action on their vision and goals - both in their business world and personal life.

Sound Healing assists you to keep your inner vibration at high level, so you can continue to enjoy the best your life experience has to offer. 

Kristen Firpo

Sound Healer

Sound Healing Sessions  

(includes wellbeing consultation &

Sound healing work)


I custom design individual sessions to work with your current lifestyle

Initial Two Hour

Sound Healing Session:

2 Hour Session - USD $350

Customized sessions discussed and tailored for you 

after initial session.


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Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart

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