Here you will find practical resources and tools consisting of guided mediations, live transmissions, sound healings, articles and daily rituals that will help you manage your mind, emotions, energy and actions.

It's not about managing the ...'other person'... or managing the 'situation' or 'environment'. 

It's about managing your mind. 

 All too often we let external circumstances take us over, leaving a feeling of exhaustion, unworthiness or lack of control.

What you can do is get ahead of it... right now.

This is the essence of why I started Heal Anywhere. You don’t always need to be in a temple, mosque or church. You don’t need to sit and try to completely clear your mind for one hour every day.

You can begin by taking a few minutes each day to re-center and re-focus, anytime, anywhere.

It can happen standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, on a plane or sitting at home alone. You can take your power back in just moments and seconds.

In the “Healing On Demand” Library, you will find resources and tools to help you manage your mind, regardless of external forces. 

These resources range from two minutes - sixty minutes in length, so you can access “On Demand” anytime, anywhere.



  • Seven Guided Meditations.  Ranging from Worthiness, Letting Go of Fear, Body Shame, Gratitude, Joy and more. Each mediation is between five minutes – eight minutes.
    • Benefits: Calming down your nervous system and releasing old beliefs.
  • Ten Daily Rituals: Creation. These daily rituals are focused on creating the day you want for yourself. For five days of the week receive two 15-minute rituals per day. You will be guided to either ‘Get ahead of the day’ or ‘Release the day’ ensuring a regenerative night sleep. 
    • Benefits: Rewiring your brain to increase clarity and manifest what you want to for your day.
  • Two Monthly Live Transmissions. Every Full Moon and New Moon receive intutive and energetic readings that will help you manage your energy amongst the collective energy. 
    • Benefits: Live disucssions with Kristen about how to balance the your energy among the collective world events.
  • Two Monthly Live Sound Healings. Sixty minutes of sound healing leaving you feeling like you just had an epic massage for every cell in your body. 
    • Benefits: Physicial, mental, emotional and energetic healing.
  • Breathwork Exercises. This breathwork exercise can be used as apart of your daily ritual or by itself. It will help bring more balance to your mind and body. In general, controlled breathing exercises are an effective way to clear your mind, keep your body in shape, by helping to lower blood pressure. 
    • Benefits: Reduced pain, improved energy, digestion and posture.
  • Sound Healing Music. Two Albums with over four hours of music to bring you into calming, creative and rejuvenated brainwaves, leaving you feeling like you pushed the reset button. 
    • Benefits: 'On Demand' sound healing.
  • Collaborations with experts. From the Health and Wellness field, experts will share their and wisdom on a varieity of health modalities. 
    • Benefits: Q&A disucssions and content from both eastern and western health perspctives.
  • A community, A movement, A new Healthy Lifestyle. 
    • Benefits: The support you need and want.
  • Relaxation techniques and tools to help you return to your center

Just a few minutes each day will set you on your the path to becoming clear, connected and focused towards realizing your true potential… and discovering the fullest expression of yourself.

The Healing on Demand Library gives you the freedom to choose the tools you need, when you need it. 24/7. 

By signing up for the monthly membership, you will gain access to all the tools and resources you need plus a community to support and grow with… it's time to Wake Up and Live Again.

Come join me, in the library!


Sound Healing currents accompany The meditations resulting in calming your nervous system and accessing feelings of joy.


Daily Rituals to help you stay focused and clear in creating each day the way you want.



Reduce stress.

Control anxiety.

Promote emotional health.

Enhance self-awareness.

Lengthen attention span.

Improve sleep.

Help control pain.

Can reduce blood pressure.


Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart.