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The Ancient Therapy That Creates Profound Focus & Connection

When Sound Healing Has Come On To Your Radar...
If you are reading this page, Sound Healing has most likely started appearing in your life. Perhaps someone has mentioned it to you, or you keep seeing events being advertised, maybe you even overheard someone's conversation.
How ever it is turning up for you, be sure not to ignore it.. rather explore it.
What Exactly Is Sound Healing?
Sound Healing isn't a new type of therapy. Sound has been used by Indigenous Communities around the world for centuries in healing, ceremonies and rituals.
 Using the human voice and musical instruments that resonate to stimulate healing, Sound Healing uses the vibrations that come from sound to shift energy in the body; specifically to shift from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.
Sound Therapy is one of a growing number of subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. According to the law of physics, everything vibrates: the chair you are sitting in, the food you eat, all of nature around you like rocks and trees.
In 1953 it was scientifically proven by Professor W.O Schumann from the University of Munich, that the earth does in fact pulsate vibrational frequencies.
These vibrational frequencies have been gradually becoming higher and higher. Professor W.O Schumann's first recorded frequency was 7.83Hz in 1953, and recently the recording has been as high as 16.5 Hz. 
That's Great... But What Has The Earth's Frequency Got To Do With Me?
Have you ever felt true deep harmony within your Soul? Where you have a skip in your step, you can't take the smile off your face and nothing could possibly bring you down? And good things keep happening to you?... you may have experienced new career or relationship opportunity, had moments that felt like awesome luck, or unexpected positive surprises pop into your life. 
This is commonly called being in a 'flow state'. And this also means that your vibration was vibing high.
As the earth starts vibrating higher, it means your vibration needs to keep matching it to continue experiencing these 'flow states'. The clincher is, that as the world continues to develop in areas such technology and the balance of work & life become more difficult to manage, your vibration can slowly become lowered.
When your vibration lowers, particularly lower than the earth's frequency you can begin to experience the opposite... frustration, unhappiness, depression, stress & anxiety.
How Does A Sound Healing Session Work?
There are a number of instruments that can be used in Sound Healing to help increase your vibration and the feeling of inner wellbeing. I choose to use Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Freenotes, Balinese Bells, and Drums to name a few to recreate harmony with your inner alchemy.
As you lay down in a comfortable environment, I play these instruments around your body. While you are resting in a relaxed state, the vibrations of the instruments begin to merge with your body's vibration. This is why when you awake, you have a new sense of harmony. Think of it like a gentle massage for every cell in your body!
Even more exciting is that a Sound Healing session can be received online. So even if you are on the go, or zipping around the globe yourself, like I often am, you can still feel the benefits where ever you are.
You literally can heal anywhere.
Every body's experience of sound healing is different. Most commonly my clients tell me that they leave my sessions feeling more grounded, calm and clear minded. Many find this type of healing essential to combine with their self-care routine, as it can very quickly allow them to focus and have energy to take action on their vision and goals - both in their business world and personal life.
Sound Healing assists you to keep your inner vibration at high level, so you can continue to enjoy the best your life experience has to offer. 
(Explained in 1min 28sec)
Countries Around The Globe I Have Shared
& Provided Sound Healing Experiences
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Prague
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


sound healing


“I had two amazing sound bowl therapies with Kristen. She is an incredible practitioner and has the most beautiful and gentle nature. The therapy session was unlike anything I have experienced before. The noise and the vibrations coming off of the bowls made me so deeply relaxed and peaceful. I came out of both sessions feeling re-energized, calm and happy. Thank you Kristen!”

Lauren Critchen, Yoga Teacher

Durban, South Africa

"I did a Sound bath Chakra workshop with her. She put her golden healing bowl around my hip area during the meditation. Within a few hours the pain, level 7-8, was gone."

Moddie Stone, 

California, USA

“I consider myself to be pretty ‘in tune’ with my body, with my healthy lifestyle and awareness. But sometimes we get so trapped in ourselves, we can’t see what’s wrong. Kristen helped me realize what was going on inside and gave me the tools to start healing myself. Sometimes all we need is someone who sees us clearly, and helps us help ourselves.”

Iris Alm Faleide
Oslo, Norway

“I came for the healing session not really sure what to expect. I'm already aware of the healing impact of sound, but I really never counted on just how deep this healing would go. I feel more whole and complete just after a single session! The same vices, self-sabotaging habits, my old desires no longer interest me so for the first time in a long time I feel truly liberated. Thank you Kristen!”

Jeevan Singh
London, England

“The day after the session I felt like dancing all day long. And from now on I let my body dance widely every day. It is so empowering and funny. The fear becomes a whisper in the back ground. I can still hear a bit of it but now I talk to it. 


And the third day after the session, I could feel rising the confidence in my ability to help and heal through my words. So now I'm learning how to let go and accepting to the take risks (should I rather say, take a chance?).


Thank you so much Kristen for this grand opening of my life! You are a part of it and I am so grateful! Thanks to your sacred bowls and the powerful gong! I know that joy and laughter is the way! Isn't it awesome?”

Felicite Ngi

Paris, France

If You Want Something You've Never Had, You'll Have To Do Something You've Never Done.

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“The vibration from the sound healing session with Kristen was powerful. I felt the vibrations come through my body. I felt relaxed and calm. The session was very relaxing and it helped me clear my mind. During the session, I fell asleep and then at times I felt deep comfortable feeling. After the session my entire body felt re-energzed. I felt more balanced and harmony. I had an wonderful night sleep and woke up the next day feeling energized.

As an Ayuveda Doctor, I believe in Sound Healing is a way to help the body heal. I recommend Kristen and her Sound Healing work. She has beautiful energy and is gifted at using Sound Healing to help people begin to heal their bodies.”

Dr. Suresh Ayurveda

Bali, Indonesia

“​Kristen offered to do a singing bowl session for me and a friend. The bowls were very relaxing and she varied the sound around and directly on me. I felt increasingly relaxed and the pleasant warm tingling vibration-like sensation streamed through my body.


I certainly would never refuse such an offer again. It can be a super way to relieve stress and deepen ones’ state of relaxation or meditation. Thanks so much for the awesome new experience Kristen. I look forward to meeting you and your bowl again.”

Gletwyn Rubidge

Doctor, Free Diver & Scuba Diver

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Let’s just put it this way: I wish I could keep Kristen and her singing bowl in my pocket, so I could reach out for a session every day. Before I had met Kristen, I wasn't even aware of singing bowls, so when I first saw her using one, I was intrigued. After my first official session with her, I fell in love with this new found sound session. The effect it has on you is just incredibly calming and healing. I could write for days about my experience, but I think trying it out for yourself is the only way to truly understand the effects it has."

Elana Schilz, Photographer

Durban, South Africa

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