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“I will help you make decisions from your place of ‘today’, not your place of the past."

If You’re Ready to Live Your Life
By Design, Not By Default

the following programs and services have been designed to assist you in your commitment.

Holistic Coaching

Private, individual coaching via phone or web.

Holistic Coaching offers a individualized, experience, ranging from one month to one year+, that is focused towards re-creating a harmonic integration of mind, body, and spirit

In this program we will identify and remove blockages that keep you from moving forward in your life. You will learn how to create discipline and harmony for your lifestyle: including diet, self-care routines, exercise, manging relationships and identifying new belief systems to strengthen your mind-body connection.

The result is creating lasting, sustainable shifts—the alchemy of transformation.

You will feel clearer, empowered and inspired to reclaim your power to focus on what you want to produce in your life.

This Holistic coaching is for the person who is navigating or tackling key transitions/challenges: either career speed bumps, personal growth transitions or health issues.

Together we will craft your unique, four-phase personal plan to uncover your dreams, discover the limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been holding you back, install new and empowering beliefs and behaviors, and integrate these changes into your life.

Using a combination of sound frequencies, Ayurveda, the principles of energy, universal laws and neuroscience, I will assist you step-by-step in removing the distractions preventing you from seeing clearly, living with intention, and reaching your goals.

A unique part of this program is you will recieve a "Signature Sound" track. This is a customized sound healing session recorded with your unique healing frequencies and new mantras recorded for you. 

Another part of this program is I will create the right type of structure that will help you be more in control of your life, even during periods of uncertainty.

The results are learning to proactively manage your wellbeing regardless of external circumstances!

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What Clients Are Saying

I was in the process of battling cancer and I had to go in and have a cyst removed off my ovary. I was extremely worried and scared about the surgery.
I walked out of a session with Kristen actually looking forward to the surgery with a completely different state of mind about not only the surgery but the cancer and my health condition. This was not fluff! What Kristen did was help my body feel better, I didn’t feel any pain and my attitude shifted and it made all the difference in the world. The surgery went exactly how Kristen and I wrote the story.  Her intuitive guidance and singing bowls are transformative. I can’t thank her enough for helping me see cancer and myself from a stronger more empowered point of view.
— Mary S.

“I consider myself to be pretty ‘in tune’ with my body, with my healthy lifestyle and awareness. But sometimes we get so trapped in ourselves, we can’t see what’s wrong. Kristen helped me realize what was going on inside and gave me the tools to start healing myself. Sometimes all we need is someone who sees us clearly, and helps us help ourselves.”

— Iris Alm Faleide

Perfectly tuned to what your body and spirit needs at that moment.

— Robin Weintraub
Personalized Sound Healing Sessions

Private, individual sessions via phone or web.

Sound Healing assists you in keeping your inner vibration high, so that you can enjoy your life now.

Our sessions together can help you lower stress, control mood swings, improve your sleep and energy levels, and calm your nervous system.

The best part of a sound healing? These benefits are instant!

I follow intuitive guidance to understand exactly what sounds and vibrations will best support you in that moment.

Using alchemy crystal bowls I had custom made, I create sound frequencies specifically tuned to your needs.

The results are feeling grounded, calm, clearminded and ready to take intentional action on visions and goals.

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What Clients Are Saying

"I did a Sound bath Chakra workshop with Kristen. She put her golden healing bowl around my hip area during the meditation. Within a few hours the pain, level 7-8, was gone."

— Moddie Stone

Your energy still has the ability to transcend the screen. It's a joy to also see you in your sound healing element as something you were meant to do.

— Sonal Naik

My beautiful friend, mentor and soul sister Kristen was a huge catalyst and contributor towards my Sound Journey and I will be forever be in gratitude of her radiance, wisdom and incredibly open heart. Ever time I give a sound bath I think of her and feel so inspired by her. Her magic of sound and that it has led me on the path of being a sound healer myself, I am forever grateful.

— Lauren Crichton

“Don’t let your troubles pull you away from your center, let them pull you closer to your center”

What Clients Are Saying

I recommend the 'Return to Center program' for anyone who would like to experience sound healing, I found it very calming and centering. Besides that, the discussions were super empowering. Kristen is a great teacher who is very caring and conscious. I felt we each got personal attention and focus on our individual goals. I’m very happy I participated and want to again when she has another session.

— Lauraine Aissata

The Return to Center program has been very helpful to me in several areas: 1) Beginning and ending each day with a custom ritual and powerful sound healing has really increased my focus and decreased my stress levels. 2) Understanding intellectually that I can control my emotions and shift my perceptions by using certain techniques has actually helped me sleep better at night and work more productively during the day. 3) Learning effective tools for navigating uncertainty in the middle of an international pandemic has been extremely helpful. And not getting caught up in the destructive and energetically-draining political chaos has been very helpful.

— Bill Arena

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