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Work With Me

“I will help you make decisions from your place of ‘today’, not your place of the past."

My Approach

Let me introduce you to the tools and the practice of connecting with your inner wisdom, allowing you to operate from a steady, balanced core state of strength and flexibility.

In our sessions, I will use a combination of both Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, to help you effectively navigate key life transitions from career speed bumps to personal growth challenges to health crises.

The foundation of my practice is Holistic Healing, a method that involves assessing all areas of your life and getting to the root cause of the imbalances and distractions that push you off your center. Once revealed, these can be removed, and we create a new system.

This new system allows you to live from your ‘flow state’ where things happen with greater clarity, focus and ease.

Without these keys, life happens to us and we unwittingly ride a sometimes wild and always unpredictable emotional rollercoaster, often getting caught up in other people's drama.

With these keys, however, you are in the creator’s seat of your life.

This is the practice I call Living Your Life By Design.

Working Together

Private Sessions: 

  • I will assist you step-by-step in identifying and removing the distractions preventing you from seeing clearly, living with intention, and reaching your goals. 

  • Using the principles from Ayuverda, along with a combination of coaching principles, sound healing, the principles of energy, universal laws and neuroscience, I will teach you how to deal with uncertainty through  exercises that harness mind, body, and spirit. 

  • Our work together will give you the structure, the practical steps and the key insights to managing and embracing flux  life’s constant ebb and flow of uncertainties, challenges, and transitions. 

 Bespoke Sound Healing: 

I create exclusively written and bespoke meditative and inspiring  music for you – to help you navigate life's major events: 

  • Prepare for surgeries, health events or hospital procedures. Before the physical event of a procedure or  surgery, let’s emotionally prepare for the event. I bring in appreciation, creation and attunement to our sessions, supported by sound healing as we write the story of how the experience will be. 

  • Find soothing and nurturing custom sound healing music to accompany the birthing process: pre-delivery, during the delivery and post-delivery. Mama’s and Daddy’s report back to me the sound healing is the perfect accompaniment in the delivery room – and very nurturing in welcoming new souls into our world.

Corporate Wellness Programs: 

  •  I custom design Corporate wellness programs to encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.  
  • The focus is often on creating new self-awareness and new healthy habits for employees, while providing a nurturing and rejuvenating environment to relax and unplug in. 

  •  Employees leave my programs feeling refreshed with a sense of clarity and purpose, ready to embrace the uncertainty of business today.

“Let me create some sound frequencies that will reduce or eliminate the stress you’re feeling right now.” 

What Clients Are Saying

“Kristen possesses an incredible ability to heal through her compassion and grace, which is a gift to the many people she’s worked with around the world. I was fortunate enough to  be a recipent of the divinity that she delivers through her gift of sound therapy. Her inspiring journey has made people gravitate to her so they can benefit from being in the great energy of her presence. She’s a bridge between the visible and invisible world and a balance between the two. She has managed to create harmony between corporate America and her sound healing practice, a bridge between two truly diverse worlds. Sharing in her presence and energy has humbled me and awakened me to an unbelievable sense of awe and gratitude within me. I truly believe her ability to bring sound and meaning to words will open a divine path to many who are seeking to remember, reconnect and reclaim their innate wisdom.”

— Myriam Llano

Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart.