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Heal Anywhere... & Increase Your Vibration To Live Out What Plays In Your Heart

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My latest album will help to restore your nervous system, revive your energy allowing you to reset to a lighter, calmer & focused version of yourself in a matter of moments.

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Sound Healing Can Help To Reduce Chronic & Acute Pain.

"...The most memorable result, aside from the wonderful sense of ease and peacefulness, was the shift in the pain I was holding in my hips.


Several, if not all, of the participants were having hip pain and/or tightness. The pain in my hips was significant. Later in the evening I was walking up some stairs and it dawned on me the pain I was experiencing earlier in the day had subsided. I was amazed."


Moddie Stone

California, USA



to spend more of your energy & time contributing to the world ~ whether it be creatively, working with communities or going for a promotion where you can make profound difference...

... is actually happening FOR YOU, not to you?

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South Africa National Free Dive Competition

Facilitator with
Dr Carli Axford

Published Article
Yoga Guide Magazine

Guest Presenter
Awakened Woman Conference

You Know When You Know

It's 2011... I'm at the office, standing in a little phone cubical on the 16th floor. I put the phone down after a conversation with a client and instead of heading back to my desk.


I pause...

This is not feeling right.

As I look out the window, down into the construction site of the now
San Francisco Bus Terminal, I watch the workers working ~ even they are working outside, using their hands, moving around. It doesn't feel right being cooped up in this office all day. And spending so much time going from meeting to meeting, computer work to computer work...

This just isn't how it is supposed to be. Something has to change.

This was the first of many quiet whispers I would have with myself that lead to profound change.

Listen To The Sounds That Will Empower You...

"I had two amazing sound healings with Kristen. She is an incredible practitioner and has the most beautiful and gentle nature. The sessions were unlike anything I have experienced before. The noise and the vibrations coming off of the bowls made me so deeply relaxed and peaceful. I came out of both sessions feeling re-energized, calm and happy. Thank you Kristen!”

Lauren Crichton, Yoga Instructor 

Durban, South Africa

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