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Kristen Firpo

Corporate Consultant & Sound Healer, Kristen has combined her 20 + years of experience of the western business world, and her extensive in depth study of vibrational medicine & science to assist you.


Her knowledge and expertise will unfold your unique rhythm to not only balance, but harmonise your inner frequencies so you can better manage tough boardroom conversations, strategies,

negotiations, and cultivate your energy to sustain your performance and desired lifestyle.

it's 3am... & Ellen can't sleep.
It was happening again. Every time Ellen had a big project deadline looming, she just knew that a good nights sleep wasn't on the agenda. If she wasn't thinking about her team, proposals and that new investor pitch, she was thinking about what was going to happen if she failed.
She never told anyone these thoughts.
She'd only hear them loud and clear at 3am.
Perhaps because she was too busy to even notice them during the day.
Down the rabbit hole she would go...
I'm so tired.
But to be successful you have to work hard.
You're not working hard enough.
Successful people sacrifice their happiness.
Do I have to sacrifice my happiness?
I can never catch up... will it ever end?
If I get up early maybe it will... should I get up now?
They don't pay me enough for this.
My back hurts and my body feels fat.
I'm going to start eating healthy.
Why do I say that? I know I'll get takeaway for breakfast again.
What if this never ends?
I can't remember the last time I went on a romantic dinner with Phil.
...or a relaxing holiday for that matter. We keep putting it off.
I wish I had my figure like when we first met... maybe he'd take more notice.
I wonder if he still thinks I'm attractive?
I saw him checking out Gail the other day...
The kids are growing up so fast.
I wish I could spend more time with them.
But I work so hard for them... to give them everything they need.
I don't know who I am anymore.
Do I even want this?
Imagine if I could get away with a book for a week.
Or to paint...
A whole week to myself...
That would be so nice.
Honestly, no one ever said it would be like this.



to spend more of your energy & time in the ways that you want are actually happening FOR YOU, not TO YOU?


So often women feel guilty or ashamed for not enjoying the life they've created... but you have the choice to change it (you're allowed to), and you can change your response to it at any time.


Shifting your vibration with sound will assist you to do this.

What stressed you out, no longer will.

Be pleasantly surprised by those around you.

Watch as new doors of opportunity open.

Feel vibrant & healthy in your mind, body & spirit.

Watch your prosperity grow.

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South Africa National Free Dive Competition

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Dr Carli Axford

Published Article
Yoga Guide Magazine

Guest Presenter
Awakened Woman Conference

You Know When You Know

It's 2011... I'm at the office, standing in a little phone cubical on the 16th floor. I put the phone down after a conversation with a client and instead of heading back to my desk.


I pause...

This is not feeling right.

As I look out the window, down into the construction site of the now
San Francisco Bus Terminal, I watch the workers working ~ even they are working outside, using their hands, moving around. It doesn't feel right being cooped up in this office all day. And spending so much time going from meeting to meeting, computer work to computer work...

This just isn't how it is supposed to be. Something has to change.

This was the first of many quiet whispers I would have with myself that lead to profound change.

you'll feel like you are managing your life when you manage your vibration.

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